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Inside Room 222

Some days can be full of chaos the moment one wakes up starting with the alarm clock not going off on not starting...and then your day does a 360 in an unexpected way....No one knows what happens behind closed doors and sometimes they never do....


Six months of lust filled thoughts, intimate touches, mental gratification of endless sexual possibilities....How far to go when the attraction captures you in a way you've never experienced...What do a woman do when all she can think of is another woman?

False Judgment

Sometimes when we are passing judgment on strangers who we may interact with briefly we may be reading the wrong story based on viewing the cover. Sometimes we have to open them up and explore who they are to understand what story they've been given. One things does lead to another just as an action tends to have a counteraction, good or bad. Explore how strangers who end up in the same place were dealt the same fate.

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Dinner for Two

He never expected to experience the feelings of sexual arousal mixed with pure elation over killing to engulf him. When the feeling subsided he wanted more of feeling like he’d been giving a roofie or ecstasy. Yet, the feeling intensified when he began seeking out strangers to keep him revived, to keep him from going back to where and who he used to be.