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Sex trained. Obedient.In love. Let me stop to advise you that even on a good day, a puppy, regardless of how good it has been treated will snap at the hand offering food to carve out a semblance of territory for itself. Fuck all you’ve heard about hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. I want you to know I’d gone passed being scorned, heartbroken, or pissed when I once again became my own woman. Hence, the fall of the king and the rise of the queen I was remarkable. Everything required time, and so did I. It took time to be given someone to love me the way I wanted to be loved and to love, didn’t it?

Inside Room 222

I’m about to turn the bed down when I’m grabbed from behind. My breath catches in my closed lips as a set of rough fingers enclosed my neck. I wanted to scream, but I didn’t. I think I’ve gone into shock or something close to it. The other hand began to caress my body hot enough to penetrate my uniform to my naked body. I used to be a very slim woman with what they called a Coca Cola bottle figure but with time I’ve gotten a little more meat on my bones. I cringe when his hand doesn’t move smoothly over my body. I know I shouldn’t be concerned about something so trivial at moment. Yet, I am. Talking about having a complex.


I don’t know how I knew, but I did. I look directly across from where I’m sitting at the table to find her penetrating eyes locked on me. My body temperature erupted. I felt my juices pool at the opening of my essence. This unexpected turn of events is going to be maddening but a turn on nevertheless. Why does she have this effect on me? I’ve been asking that question from February until August, and I haven’t come up with a rationale to it. I was thinking I needed to sit down with someone with a recorder, pen and pad, and talk myself out of what was happening to me. However, one look, I’m telling you one look into her wide eyes then down to her tinted red lips, and the thought evaporated. Seriously, I am have been voodooed or something.

False Judgment

Sometimes when we are passing judgment on strangers who we may interact with briefly we may be reading the wrong story based on viewing the cover. Sometimes we have to open them up and explore who they are to understand what story they've been given. One things does lead to another just as an action tends to have a counteraction, good or bad. Explore how strangers who end up in the same place were dealt the same fate.

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